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Single Origin, Straight From Colombia

Coffee is at the center of daily life. It’s a cornerstone of the human experience. You can enjoy it with every meal or meeting. It’s found in nearly every home, community and office in the world–from big cities to small towns and indigenous communities.


“Single origin” simply means that each coffee product we sell comes from a single region. This way, you get a rich and pure flavor. We offer several different flavors, each from their own part of Colombia. When a company combines beans from multiple regions, this is called a “blend”. We tend to avoid that. Single-origin coffees allow you to get to know a region by its taste.


When you buy Romeo & Juliet Coffee, you’re also supporting countless livelihoods. That includes everyone from our coffee growing farmers in Colombia to the dedicated baristas in NYC. This is why we get up in the morning. That is why our work is dedicated to providing you with an exceptional cup of coffee.

We hope you enjoy our pridefully brewed, single-origin coffee.

Our Philosophy

Coffee is the most traded agricultural product in the world. Crazy. For more than a century, the economic progress of many cultures and countries has been linked to the cultivation, consumption and export of coffee beans.

We only purchase high-quality, single-origin beans known as “specialty” coffees. Each comes from a unique region. We’ve been in the coffee business for a long time, yet we still continue to improve upon the production process. From cultivation and harvesting to developing closer relationships to our coffee growers, we strive to produce the best coffee in the world. Further proof of our dedication to this is our commitment to small-batch roasting–more commonly referred to as “micro roasting”.

Your favorite Romeo & Juliet Coffee flavors cannot be achieved without a healthy relationship with our Colombian farmers. The production process we’ve cultivated is not only sustainable and reliable–it works. We are grateful for every customer and employee who dedicates their time, knowledge and hard work to our business. We did not build this business alone.

Thank you for supporting them. Thank you for supporting us.

Our History

In Colombia, there is a region known as the “eje del café”, or coffee axis. It’s such an influential area, that it was named a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2011. To this day, the growing conditions are among the best in the world for coffee production.

It’s an honor for us to have deep family roots in the famous Colombian coffee axis region. In the 1960’s, Don Pedro Giraldo studied the art and science of coffee production under a master grower there. He has since passed the lessons on to his three sons. 

The Giraldo brothers learned to combine traditional cultivation techniques with contemporary roasting and tasting trends. They opened the “Aroma de Colombia” coffee factory. It’s a small roasting plant located in the Quindío capital. They set out to honor the legacy of their father by selecting and roasting the finest coffee beans in the world. 

From a small coffee factory, they’ve added a popular West Side coffee shop in the heart of New York City to their business. Their father’s passion for coffee lives on.

Our Specialty Roasts